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Luxaflex® EVO MagnaTrack Awnings Sydney

The most innovative Luxaflex Window Fashions have been brought to the homes of Australians for over 65 years.

This tradition continues today with the introduction of the most innovative straight drop awning ever developed – the Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack Awning.

Engineered and tested in Australia to handle our diverse and unforgiving conditions – the Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack Awning is the most technologically advanced awning available on the market.

Australia’s first and only Self-Correcting Awning System

With our patented magnet technology, the Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack Awning is the only straight drop awning system in Australia that has a self-correcting feature which allows the fabric skin to effortlessly return into the channel should it ever become dislodged – minimising the extra time and labour required to go onsite for a service call.

To activate this feature, lower the awning as far down as it can go with the remote control and then raise the awning past the point of the fabric blowout. As the awning retracts, the magnets continually pull on the fabric, feeding it back inside the screen guide allowing the awning to be operated as usual.

Luxaflex EVO MagnaTrack Awnings

Luxaflex Self-Correcting Awnings

See more information in the Digital Brochure.

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