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Are Your Fabric Awnings Suffering Wear And Tear?

Those canvas awnings really are starting to look a bit shabby, right?  They’ve served you well for many years, but the fabric is beginning to rip and pull away from the frame, they’re faded, and overall they’re doing nothing to enhance the look of your business or home… It’s time for a refresh!

We can reasonably expect that fabrics exposed to the elements for a long time will eventually break down and show signs of wear and tear.  However, there’s no need to put up with unsightly canvas awnings – Complete Blinds offers a fantastic recovering service which can give them a whole new lease of life!

Traditionally, recovering awnings means removing the whole structure from the wall, taking it away, fitting the new fabric, then installing it again.  It’s a lengthy process and it means that you are left high and dry with no window protection for the duration.  Thanks to Complete Blinds, that no longer has to be!  Our recovering service is carried out on site!

Are Your Fabric Awnings Suffering Wear And Tear?It’s a simple, trusty and convenient service.

On-site awning replacements happen like this:

  1. A team member visits your home or business and assesses the awnings/fabrics
  2. Awnings are measured for new fabrics – in most cases, this can be done without removing the awnings
  3. New fabric skins are prepared from high-quality materials
  4. Team member returns and fits new fabric skins on site

So simple!  So practical!  And so convenient!
Maybe you’d like to take this opportunity to create a whole new look!  Wanting something more modern?  Larger?  Smaller?  More classic?  There’s no doubt that the awnings can affect the whole look of your premises, so if you’re looking to replace your old ones with a whole new design, now’s a perfect time!

Complete Blinds offers a huge range of styles which can totally transform the look of your home or business:

Clear PVC

Modern, sleek and unobtrusive.  Clear PVC offers maximum protection with minimum visual disturbance.  Perfect for use in either the domestic or commercial setting.


Gorgeous, traditional and an all-time favourite.  Available in a huge range of fabrics, they’re a guaranteed winner!  Canopy blinds can be retractable or fixed and are the perfect option for sheltering both windows and doorways.

Folding Arm Awnings

Free from posts and frames. Excellent option for protecting windows and large outdoor areas. Perfect for use over home patios, cafes, pool areas and indeed any outdoor entertaining space.

Motorized Awnings

For that extra convenience factor, why not opt for a motorized system?  With the simple touch of a button, you can adjust the position of your awnings, just like that!  Modern technology and quality products have made it possible for you to enjoy this touch of luxury, offering home and business owners total control over their window protection at all times.
So, what are you waiting for?  No need to put up with those tattered window awning any longer! Contact us online or call the team at Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975 today and arrange for an onsite consultation.  We’ll help you create that whole new look in no time!

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