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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In All Seasons By Installing An Awning

Your backyard could be and should be, your own private sanctuary for entertaining family and friends.  You’ve put a ton of work into your outdoor entertaining space – landscaping, decking etc.- and it’s just about perfect… if only the sunshine wasn’t so hot, or the wind wasn’t so strong, or the rain wasn’t so constant…

Maybe your scenario is a commercial one – your customers like to eat outside, and you really need that extra seating space all year round.  Well, by installing an awning, you can beat the weather and make your outdoor space the perfect place, come rain, hail or shine!

The solution to your challenge comes in the form of a folding arm awning!  Read below to discover what this awning could do for you…

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In All Seasons By Installing An AwningWhy do I need awnings?

Apart from protecting yourself or your customers from the discomfort of wind, rain or heat, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner or shop owner to ensure that you are providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  While we love to enjoy the Aussie sunshine, exposure to these UV rays wreaks silent havoc with our skin.  In general, Australians are becoming more aware of the importance of protecting themselves and their children from this danger and recognizing the need to take serious measures to prevent bodily harm. The UV rays also speed the deterioration of outdoor furniture and fabrics, so if you want your tables and chairs to last, an awning is your best friend.

What’s a folding arm awning?

Let’s clarify what we mean by a folding arm awning: it’s simply a retractable awning which provides you with a convenient and stylish extension to your covered eating area. Modern design and strong, durable frames and fabrics mean that you can enjoy the comfort of weather protection when it’s needed, without bothersome poles or post supports.

Benefits of folding arm awnings

What makes folding arm awnings so popular?  They’re modern, convenient and aesthetically appealing.   They’re easy to fold out and simple to retract when you don’t need them.  Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.  And at Complete Blinds, we only supply the best.

Strong, durable fabric and excellent design mean that they are reliable, tough and made to last. Maintenance requirements are very low – the occasional brush or hose down is generally enough to keep them looking their best. The absence of poles or post supports allows you and your guests to move about freely under their shade.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space In All Seasons By Installing An Awning

Pool areas

It’s worth mentioning the specific benefits of awnings over outdoor pool areas.  Firstly, they offer protection from the sun, both for those in the water and those around the pool.  Secondly, they help prevent leaves and other debris landing in the water (and clogging up your filtration system).

At Complete Blinds, we’re committed to supplying you with quality products that offer protection all year round. Contact us today on 02 8824 7975 and discuss your new awnings with our staff.

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