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Block Out Glare And Maintain The Sunshine, Yes Its Possible!

In Australia, outdoor entertaining has become part of our lifestyle.  We love to soak up the sunshine, but nevertheless, there are times when the rain, the wind, and the glare can take the enjoyment out of it…

Q: Is there a way to enjoy the sunshine, yet protect ourselves from the elements?
A: Clear PVC awnings!

The perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor living, without compromising your view!

Custom made to suit your needs

Clear PVC awnings are the ultimate solution for both domestic and commercial settings, where outdoor entertaining is key. Custom made to suit your individual needs, they are easy to use and make all the difference when it comes to eating or just relaxing outdoors. And best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your view of the outdoors!  You can still appreciate the beauty of your gardens while enjoying that extra touch of luxury…

Clear PVC Awnings

The latest technology and materials

Easy-to-use zip or channel guides make lowering or raising your awnings oh-so-easy!  And for that extra level of sophistication, why not go for a motorized option?  High-quality materials, top-notch fittings and the latest in technology means that you get the benefits of both superior blind operation and unrivalled strength.  So, with such a user-friendly system, you never have to worry about the weather – with the touch of a button, your outdoor area can become another comfortable, sunlit room…. without the rain, wind or glare to take the edge off your entertaining experience!

Temperature control and design

Can PVC withstand the harsh Australian environment?  Yes!  At Complete Blinds, our clear PVC awnings are made from the highest quality material and designed to cope with our climate and beautifully span areas of any size.

Another problem that many Australian homeowners face is temperature control inside their homes.  As the relentless summer sun beats down on our windows, the heat is naturally transferred through the glass. Therefore, warming up the interior of our homes, while we swelter inside.  By protecting your windows from the sun’s direct rays and reflected glare, PVC awnings can help regulate indoor temperatures. Not to mention, reduce the need for artificial cooling in your house.
Nowadays, we hear a lot about skin cancer and protecting ourselves and our children.  In general,  we are much more aware of the sun’s harmful UV rays and the damage they can do to our skin.  However, by installing clear PVC awnings, you can enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about doing long-term damage to your body.

At last that outdoor area that’s completely protected from the sun and weather can be yours! At Complete Blinds, we have a fantastic range of clear PVC awnings which can be custom designed to suit your individual needs.  Our team has the expertise, the experience, and the practical skills to help you find exactly what you need.  So why not live it up?  Call us today on (02) 8824 7975 and chat with one of our friendly staff – we’re here to help you make that dream come true!

Complete Blinds

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