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Awnings Designs: Choosing The Coolest New Designs for Your Home

The use of various window awnings designs has become one of the latest trends in constructing modern homes or remodelling existing houses. Traditionally, awnings were basically installed on houses as a shield against the summer sun, rain and snowfall. However, those days are long gone. It’s true that the primary purpose of window awnings is protection against the sun and rain but they have much more to offer. Are you one of those who are still unconvinced about the architectural and aesthetic value of awnings? Then keep reading to find out why awnings are great for your home.

First and foremost, install window awnings and you’ll no longer have to worry about the damage caused by the rain, snow or sun on window frames and panes. For instance, exposing wooden frames and panes to harsh weather conditions isn’t advisable. Various window awnings designs are available for the purpose of shielding your windows and doors.

Secondly, it’s usually very tricky to keep your windows open whenever it’s raining. If you leave your windows open, the rainwater might flood into your house. For those who have installed awnings on their houses, the windows can remain open regardless of whether it’s raining or not. Open windows are very critical as they allow fresh air to circulate in your house.

Similarly, the idea of people shutting windows or pulling down the curtains/blinds while they’re watching TV or using their computers is common. The aim of doing so is to reduce the glare on the screens. The glare is much intense in screens placed near the windows. Do you want to keep your windows open at all times? Have your home fitted with the coolest window awnings designs.

Thirdly, most home designs include a porch/patio where one can relax and pass time. Suppose your house has a porch/patio, you’ll definitely have furniture there. The sun and rain will be the first enemies to your furniture. However, there will be little to worry about if your house is fitted with the right awnings design for the porch.

Choosing the Coolest New Awnings Designs for Your Home

Now that you have a copy of the kind of value awnings can bring to your home, are you ready to move for it? If yes, are you able to go out to the market and get the right ones? Below is a list of some of the things to consider as you shop for the awnings.

  • Material: The common materials are aluminium and outdoor fabric. Aluminium awnings are strong and require less maintenance, though the design and colour options are limited. The opposite is true for outdoor fabric awnings.
  • Colour: The best colour for awnings is that which can reflect direct sunlight. They reduce the amount of heat entering your house. In the same way, choose a colour that matches your house’s style of colours.
  • Style: There is a variety of styles including traditional with open/closed sides, waterfall, dome, double bar standard, etc.
  • Size: Choose the size depending on the extent you want to cover and protect.
  • Angle: There are standard recommendations for windows facing various directions. For instance, awnings for windows facing east should have a drop of up to 65-75%.
  • Side Panels: The side panels are basically meant to increase the coverage of the awnings.
  • Stationary, Retractable or Freestanding

Are you wondering where to search for the best awnings designs? The best place to do your search is online. Online sources grant the ability to browse and choose from many available options. You can also find very competitive prices online. Add some charm and create a statement in your home with some cool and new awnings designs. If you want to know more about the awnings we have at Complete Blinds Sydney, contact us today!

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