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Awnings Sydney

Window awnings are external window coverings that have been around for hundreds of years. Window awnings date back to ancient Egypt, Syria and Rome, and were used most famously on the Colosseum. Awnings are attached to the outside wall of your house, providing a shield from the sun. They will keep your home cooler, reduce your air-conditioning bills, and help protect furnishings from sun damage. As well as being used over windows, these window coverings can be installed above doors, or used to shade decks or patios. You can purchase your window awning from a range of different styles. Choose the right awning from the list below. If you already have awnings installed, we offer a recovering service. Save your money and have your existing frames recovered!

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About Awnings

A window awning is an exterior device that is typically made of metal or canvass can provides shade over a window.  Awnings are attached above a window to provide shade but also to allow an amount of sunlight to enter.

They offer both aesthetic and functional benefits:

  1. Awnings offer protection from the sun, rain, snow and other elements.
  2. By minimising direct sunlight, they lower energy consumption by reducing the temperature inside the home.
  3. They can protect indoor furniture, carpets, flooring and wallpaper from fading.
  4. For businesses, awnings can be used as a marketing tool to create a corporate image, as well as to draw the attention of passersby.  They can also be a cost-effective way of advertising a brand or a product.
  5. Awnings can provide privacy – both for the exteriors and interiors.
  6. Aesthetically, they also add beauty to your home by enhancing the architecture.  Awnings can serve as a finishing touch by giving an elegant and classy look to any home or establishment.
  7. Awnings can provide UV protection.  Nowadays, people are conscious of skin damage from the sun., and with awnings, this can be avoided.
  8. Awnings also aid in the expansion of space – so home or business owners can optimize outdoor areas.

awnings over windows

Awnings over Windows

Window awnings can provide many benefits. Awnings over windows add value and convenience to a home or an office building. Aside from protecting windows, awnings can also provide privacy in homes and buildings. They can also increase the usage of the outdoor space.  When set up in a backyard, awnings can protect people from ultraviolet rays of the sun, rain, hail and other forms of bad weather.  In addition, they can also serve as parking shades in open areas. Proven to be tough and shock resistant, awnings are designed to be strong and can withstand storms and winds.  They can be opened at any angle – slightly open, half-open or full open to keep away from the sun.

awning designs

Awnings Designs

There are many types of awning designs:

  1. Freestanding awnings – these are useful when drilling is not allowed on the walls.  They are just attached to a metal frame and can be used only when needed, depending on the season.
  2. Fixed awnings – these are firmly or permanently attached to a building, thus are difficult to remove.
  3. Retractable awnings – usually made from canvas or fabrics, these are more commonly seen in restaurants and some homes.  They can be easily adjusted depending where the sunlight hits.  They can also be rolled up or closed depending on the season or weather.
  4. Mechanical awnings – these are best for gadget lovers.  These are remote controlled or sometimes can be connected to a light switch.  This type saves manpower as they can be adjusted with a click of a button. Many of our awnings can be motorised. Read more about Somfy motorisation technology.

awnings over doors

Awnings over doors

There are also awnings for doors.  Awnings over doors are purposely installed to protect doors from rain and sunlight.  They can also provide a space for waiting guests and even wet umbrellas during heavy rain, or a shade for protection from direct sunlight. Outdoor awnings can also be customized for patios and verandas.  These can provide protection from several elements and can also be a great venue to enjoy coffee and snacks with guests. For owners of awnings, taking care of awnings regularly is very important.  There are some tips to regularly maintain awnings properly.  Check once in a while for damage like bent, rusted or dented frames.  After dusty weather, ensure to check them as well.  Schedule an annual cleaning by using a water solution and mild soap.  Make sure that lukewarm or cold water is used for cleaning.  Remove any kind of debris like insect nests, leaves and twigs.  When you see stains from bird droppings treat them immediately.  When cleaning, use a broom or a stiff brush to remove dirt.  During winter, it is best to remove the awning before the snow season begins.  Just ensure to clean them before storing. If you are building a house, an office building, or an establishment like a restaurant, make sure to include an awning in your structure.  This is not only for design purposes or to make your place more beautiful, but it can serve many practical purposes too.  There are many designs and types that are available online.  You may like to consult your architect or your interior designer for the best awning style suited to your home or business.

awnings for sale

Awnings for Sale

Complete Blinds offer great online deals. In fact, you need look no further! We have a great range of awnings, and we are confident that you will find a design that fits your home, and your budget. If you would like to speak with a consultant, or organise a quote, please call on 02 8824 7875 or contact us online. We would love to help you find the very best awnings for your home!

Contact us about Awnings – 02 8824 7875

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