find the best sydney shutters

Finding the Best Sydney Shutters

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Finding the Best Sydney Shutters


It can be a little overwhelming trying to understand all the different options available if you’re new to the world of shutters. As with all things to do with this window treatment, we try to demystify the buzzwords and terminology and make things as simple as possible to understand.Before we delve into the best Sydney shutters, here are some few things you first need to know:

Applications and Advantages of Shutters
With the best Sydney shutters you can choose whether they open by simply tilting the slats– allowing light in but not swinging them open, or they can be hinged, which does allow them to be fully swung back from the window they are installed on. Another type of shutters which adds to privacy yet allows loads of light into a room is the cafe style shutter.

Today, there are many different types of shutters used for a variety of purposes, from decorative to actual function. They come in a wide variety of different styles to accommodate virtually anyone’s tastes and needs, including wood, plastic, steel, metal, and vinyl. While some shutters are used specifically for aesthetic reasons as part of a bigger exterior or interior design plan, several other styles are used for protecting both commercial and residential structures from damaging weather conditions as well as for privacy.

Shutters have kept their core application for thousands of years. They are still a great window covering for blocking out sunlight, for regulating light within a room, as well as helping adjust the temperature within a room. There is of course a difference between exterior and interior shutters.

Interior Shutters
Serving as interior decorative features, shutters are frequently used as primary window treatments since they’re functional and quite attractive on their own without the need for further embellishments. A number of shutter styles today offer adjustable slats and louvers to adequately filter out light.

Exterior Shutters
Exterior shutters can provide a home with a more polished, finished look, much the same way an interesting picture frame ‘completes’ a picture on the wall in order to create stunning artwork. Like interior shutters, exterior shutters also come in many styles and colors to choose from.

Best Sydney Shutters from Complete Blinds
With the best Sydney shutters you can choose whether they open by simply tilting the slats– allowing light in but not swinging them open, or they can be hinged, which does allow them to be fully swung back from the window they are installed on. Another type of shutters which adds to privacy yet allows loads of light into a room is the cafe style shutter. Serving as interior decorative features, shutters are frequently used as primary window treatments since they’re functional and quite attractive on their own without the need for further embellishments. Like interior shutters, exterior shutters also come in many styles and colors to choose from.

Plantation shutters made from wood are strong and really solid. Who hasn’t pulled down a blind or curtain rail at least once in their lifetime!? With shutters you ‘d have to be pretty determined to get them off the wall or window frame.

Who hasn’t pulled down a blind or curtain rail at least once in their lifetime!? With shutters you ‘d have to be pretty determined to get them off the wall or window frame.Shutters are a great choice for a number of reasons. They might not be the cheapest window covering, but they offer versatility and great qualities which no window covering can match. If you want to order the best Sydney shutters or get a quote to visit our main website Complete Blinds Australia, don’t forget.

Designing your ideal treatment is something we take very seriously. That’s why we encourage you to take a few moments to go through the information on the website, but also to call or email us to discuss any questions you have.

choosing plantation shutters colours

Plantation Shutters Questions

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Renovate your home to allow for the use of more energy-efficient and natural lighting. This is an easy way to reduce your electric bill while also helping to save the environment. For others, the installation of shutters may also help in controlling the lightings in their homes.

Unparalleled style with incredible light control–that’s the beauty of plantation shutters. Clean lines create an organized appearance in your home, as the gorgeous view of your landscape offers a dynamic backdrop for your life. Who could ask for anything more? Well, that’s just it. And with plantation shutters, that’s important. Of course, the leading question is which type of shutters is the best for your home? Since this may be your first time considering these timeless window treatments, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions people ask. Read these popular plantations shutters questions and get a jump start on your quest for plantation shutters.

1. Should I choose wood or poly shutters?

Most clients choose wood shutters whenever possible because they provide many advantages over poly: a man-made composite material:
Wood is lighter and stronger than poly, allowing the shutters to be made into larger panels, up to 37 inches wide. This means you can have fewer panels in each window opening, increasing your view of the outdoors.

Before you commit to a new paint color for the exterior of your home, spend some time driving around and looking at homes that you like the look and color scheme of. Paint chips are too hard to envision, so seeing it in person can help you make a better decision.
Wood shutters can be painted any color. We recommend matching your shutters to the trim of your home for a consistent look. Poly shutters are only available in two colors: white and off-white.

Specialty shapes such as arches, sunbursts and ovals are more easily manufactured in wood, and look better because they have less rough edges.
Wood shutters are manufactured with 3-dowel construction, giving them greater strength and preventing separation of the stiles and rails.

2. Can I get plantation shutters without the vertical tilt bar?

Yes, we can make shutters with the “hidden tilt” option. This is when the wooden tilt bar on the front of the panel is omitted. In its place, we install a slim metal tilt bar on the back of the panel all the way to one side. It is virtually invisible, allowing more open space and visibility.

3. Can I put plantation shutters on my sliding glass doors?

Plantation shutters are a very functional, very dramatic addition to sliding glass doors. If you have shutters throughout your house, they give a consistent look and feel. Plantation shutter panels are installed on a track in the top of the slider opening, allowing the panels to glide open and closed. Options include a bottom track, which gives added stability, and “open louver” bypass, which allows you to slide the panels open and closed even when the louvers are in the open position.

3. How much do shutters cost?

Plantation shutters are priced by the square foot, and options like hidden tilt, specialty shapes and stain finishes are available for an additional charge

4. What material should I use in my bathrooms and garage?

Although wood is our most popular choice for shutters, poly shutters are ideal for areas prone to moisture and humidity like bathrooms and garages. Windows that will come in direct contact with water such as in a shower are perfect areas for PVC shutters.

So there you have it: your crash course on plantation shutters. If you are considering shutters for your home, feel free to call us or stop by our showroom at any time. We will be happy to answer your plantations shutters questions and help you with your project.

Internal Shutters Sydney

Internal Shutters Sydney

Heidi Cridland

Internal Shutters Sydney

Making a choice of which internal shutters Sydney residence need for their homes depends on a number of things. In this article, we not only look at the different designs and types of shutters, but also where they are most applicable. This will help you make an informed choice for your desired shutters.

First of all, you need to know which windows you want to install shutters on. If you have a living room with large windows that run from the floor to the roof, for example, any one of the four designs Complete Blinds has to offer will do. With the help of a qualified interior designer you should be able to pick one that best suits your tastes and room. Here are the individual designs and their applicability.

normandy shutters

Normandy Shutters

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Shutters have been used as a protection for windows long before glass was ever put in. The Ancient Greeks are known to have used marble as the material for shutters which is practical from the sense of strength of protection but in modern terms is a very expensive and impractical option. Weight too could be problematic especially as they would now be covering glass. The Greeks were also known to use wooden shutters which would make them the forerunners of the modern plantation shutter.

The evolution of the shutter has taken many turns over the centuries but it has always attempted to provide the four main functions that a shutter has been needed for and that is protection, privacy, ventilation and light. Clearly the marble shutters were not the finished article in terms of requirement and developments over time have produced the modern plantation shutter which caters for all four basic needs.

Plantation shutters are usually wooden and are generally believed to have taken their name from the tobacco and cotton plantations of the Southern United States as they were in common usage during the 17th and 18th centuries. The area can have variable weather patterns including heavy storms so the style of the plantation shutter was developed to open out and offer full ventilation and light during the hot summer months but the during stormier times the shutters would fully close over the window giving solid protection against the formidable forces of nature. A characteristic of the plantation shutters used in the South was that they tended to have wider louvres.

Industrial techniques developed particularly in the 19th century and as a consequence so did the range and style of shutters available to the public. Nowadays shutters have both a practical and aesthetic use. On many houses the shutters are there purely for decorative purposes. There is still a need for the plantation shutter with the four basic practical uses and as such Normandy shutters are well suited to provide the modern consumer with the style and durability that is needed.

Normandy Shutters

Normandy shutters are a specific style of Plantation shutter. Normandy wood is a hard wood that is suitable for this type of use as it is resilient to long term warping so it will not change shape and no longer fit the widow frame. It is possible to stain or paint the wood to achieve the desired colour required in keeping with the overall style of the house that has been chosen. Normandy shutters are versatile and can be used both indoors and on the exterior widows of a house. Bedroom closets can have a full length folding shutter that will be in keeping with the style of the room. A similar blind can

be used for full length windows giving complete protection and control over the amount of light from the outside. Panel style shutters may be more suitable for smaller windows on the outside of the house and are excellent for security.

All products are completely natural in material and will give a warm luxury feel to your home.

Best Plantation Shutters: Complete Blinds Sydney

Complete Blinds

Best Plantation Shutters

A shutter is a covering on a window consisting of frame of vertical-stiles and horizontal rails at the top center and bottom. Within the frame could be louvers, solid-panels, fabric, glass or any material that can be well-mounted on the frame. Apart from providing privacy they have various other uses like controlling the amount of light that gets into a room, security, protect against weather and also improve the beauty of a room. Plantation shutters differ from the traditional shutters in that the louvers are wider and that they are put in the inside of the building hence you can be opened or closed to control the amount of air and light that gets into a room. Plantation shutters differ from blinds in that the material used in plantation shutters offer insulation hence controlling the temperatures in a room while blinds don’t do this.

Advantages of plantation shutters

1. They give home owners an almost absolute control of their privacy and air flow in their homes.

2. They are easy to maintain as an occasional wiping with a dump cloth is all it needs to keep it looking new.

3. They are durable as can last for years.

4. They add beauty to a room in a number of ways.

5. They are practical all year round through all the seasons. During summer they let in air while protecting from the scorching sun while during winter they act as a great insulator to keep in the warmth.

6. They and value to property and can therefore be a great investment. With the growing increase in the use of plantation shutters a lot of companies are producing these shutters. It is therefore important to select the best plantation shutters that suit your needs.

When buying a shutter you should consider.

1. Base shutter material. The material used could include both wood and synthetic. You should learn the advantage and disadvantage of using either. Wood may need recoating over the years while synthetic wouldn’t. Synthetic materials could also sag.

2. Finnish used on the shutter. Finishes applied include clear finish, oil,paint, powder and for some materials nom finishing is done. Most wood products will need recoating later.

3. Number of panels per opening. There are several combinations and openings. They include

• Bifolding, this is where two panels are connected and hinged to the opening on one side. They can be folded and opened as a unit.

• Hinged, this is where panels will be single unit hinged to the opening.

• Fixed panels, this is not recommended as you will not be able to move the panel at all.

4. Tilt mechanism. These are the options that allow the tilting of the louvers. It includes Rod attached, semi concealed tilt rod, fully concealed tilt rod. Choose the one that best fits your style.

When selecting also ensures that it is within your price range as the more fancy it is the more expensive it could be. The best plantation shutters don’t necessarily have to be expensive as even the cheaper well-made ones do the job just as well.

Sydney Plantation Shutters

Complete Blinds

Modern Sydney Plantation Shutters for Both Privacy and Style

Plantation shutters were used externally in the past in place of windows and doors before the use of glass was incorporated in the design of a home. Nowadays, they still serve the purpose of covering windows in a stylish manner from the inside. Complete Blinds, an Australian born company, is at the forefront in trying to maintain this rich history by designing and selling affordable and classy plantation shutters for modern homes. If you are looking for Sydney plantation shutters for your home, then you have come to the right place.

There are a number of designs to choose from, which may cause a bit of confusion when deciding which one to go for. Basically, a plantation shutter should be able to cover your windows and still allow some lighting through into the room. In essence, when you have a plantation shutter you will not have to keep drawing them often to cover your windows like when you have curtains. The only choice you might have to make is which one will serve both the need for privacy and lighting at the same time. Starting with class and design, you have a choice of between wood, plastic or processed materials such as Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) core. Wood plantation shutters such as Normandy and Western Red Cedar are great if you want to add the nature theme in your home. They last longer because they do not warp or lose their color, but using them in humid areas such as kitchen windows and bathroom doors is not recommended. Plastic and MDF shutters, such as Woodlore and Woodbury are perfect for humid areas. They also come in different colors which can be great when matching them with the surrounding furniture. Affordability is another thing that makes Complete Blinds the best choice for plantation shutters in Sydney. Just contact one of the designers to come and take measurements of the area where you want to put your plantation shutters and they will even advice you on which one would suit best. You can even take advantage of the on-going offer of free installation. This will greatly reduce the overall cost and you will end up with a stylish cover for your windows. You can also opt to fill out the quote form, detailing all the information you require us to know and we will get back to you within 24 hours. This is a great chance that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Plantation shutters can be used in almost every area of your home, and not just over windows. If you have a pool area that is adjacent to neighbors you can use large shutters to provide cover and privacy. You can even use them to divide a large room into sections like dining area and kitchen if that is what you prefer. It is all about creating a comfortable place to live in, and still provide cover against the scorching rays of the sun. You may also opt for a motorized operation shutter that makes it easier for you to cover or open them whenever you like.

Plantation Shutters for Windows

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Plantation Shutters For Windows: The right Choice For Your Windows

Plantation shutters for windows are a low maintenance, stylish, alternative covering for windows, with important benefits over curtains and blinds or stutter blinds. Plantation shutters are no longer used just to improve security, increase the privacy in a house or filter sunlight out of or into a home; these high value window shutters are now in demand as design statements by people looking to add value and style to their properties and even by interior designers.

Benefits of shutters

Made of high quality material, plantation shutters for windows are fitted internally; they’re available in various colours as well as designs to fit almost all internal colour schemes. They add elegance to your property, no matter its age. An addition benefit of plantation shutters is that they can be installed to any shaped window including angled, arched or round windows and can also be adapted to the interesting shapes required for glass and conservatories roofs. However, they do not even have to cover the entire window – partial coverings can improve light and privacy, while adding elegance. Window shutters provide many benefits over customary window furnishing alternatives. They provide complete flexibility, with how homeowners control the light, help with sound insulation, insulate their homes from cold and offer privacy.

Different styles of shutters

Generally, there are 3 types of shutters: solid, café style and plantation. Most individuals go for plantation shutters, which have louvers or slats that rotate open & closed to control light levels. Solid shutters are perfect for people who want to have a more tradition appearance, and are made to be closed during the night and folded back during the day. Café shutters are common in cafes and restaurants, hence café style shutters. They only cover the bottom side of the window.

Cleaning the shutters

Here are a few tips for how to clean plantation shutters for windows efficiently and quickly. Take a vacuum to it weekly – Vacuuming your shutters makes it easy to maintain them. The vacuum picks up most dust and debris, making dirt less likely to build-up and attach. Deep clean every 2 weeks – Take twenty to thirty minutes every 2 weeks to thoroughly dust the shutters. Use lint-free cloth, feather duster, swiffer duster or microfiber cloth. Spot clean with a damp cloth – Sometimes the duster does not have enough power to clean the grime. Due to this, you should spot clean with brush dampened with little water. Distilled water is perfect as it will not leave any spot. For tougher mess – Use a little detergent. Avoid abrasive or harsh chemical on the plantation shutters. Always mix the detergent with water before applying it to the plantation shutters for windows.

Enhancing the home

When closed, plantation shutters for windows provide privacy, protection and warmth. When opened, they give a sense of spaciousness while offering access to even the most stunning views, with a magical capability to direct ambient light into a house, showing the features homeowners most want illustrated. Plantation shutters for windows truly are the stylish option to add to design, warmth and security to any property.

Know all about Plantation Shutters Sydney

Complete Blinds

In case you are looking for options to decorate as well as protect your home in Sydney, then plantation shutters Sydney is a good option. After all, Australia has a warm climate so you would probably like to keep out as much sunlight as possible during those hot days. You can take the help of plantation shutters to cover your doors, windows and any other interiors of your house. This way you are also adding to the décor of your house and increasing its value in the market.

Plantation Shutters Sydney

The plantation shutters Sydney are installed from the inside of your window. This means that you can swing them inwards whenever you wish to open or close your window. Thus you get the benefit of your windows as well as these shutters. The plantation shutters Sydney are made of louvres. These are basically slats. So you can adjust these as per your need. This means that you control the amount of sunlight filtering in and the airflow through these windows and doors. You can choose the material from which these slats are made. It can either be synthetic material or wood. This wood can either be painted or polished. You can choose the material as per your taste. Ideally synthetic material is best for places that are moist and damp. This would include bathrooms and such other wet places. The living room and bed rooms are perfect for the wooden slats. You can choose the material in a way that they gel with the rest of your room décor. The reason why plantation shutters Sydney have become so popular is because they are so versatile. They look good in practically any surroundings. In addition they occupy less space and hence appeal in cases of minimalistic décor. Next, they have thin slats. This means that they can easily be opened and shut. You can rotate these easily in order to ensure that a small amount of sunlight or air flows in. This means that you can use these shutters as you require. You can fit these shutters almost anywhere. This includes your French windows, doors and almost anywhere else. With so much convenience, no wonder that plantation shutters Sydney have become a preferred option. Another good thing about these shutters is that they are so easy to clean. You simply need to vacuum them with a brush accessory. So each time that you vacuum your house, vacuum these shutters too. And for deep cleaning, you can wipe the slats with a damp cloth in order to clean the crevices. The synthetic and the painted slats can be wiped with a cloth dipped in soapy water. In case of wooden slats, it is best to opt for cloth dipped in wood polish. This is because soapy water is going to harm the wooden slats. Now that you know so much about plantation shutters Sydney, it is time for you to make a choice. And there is no doubt that such kind of shutters will always be the first choice for your home or office.

Shutters Sydney: Benefits of Shutters

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Shutters Sydney: Benefits of Shutters

Benefits of Shutters: One of the best choices for window treatments is the stunning plantation shutter. Shutters are versatile, can increase the worth of a house and are less expensive compared to traditional draperies. Shutters are the only window treatments that can be financed when buying a home. You might be wondering why? This is because they are quite desirable and normally stay with the house when it’s sold. In this article we will look at the benefits of installing shutters to your window with shutters Sydney. Attractiveness Good quality shutters often come with a unique finish so that their colour won’t fade in due course, making them the perfects permanent alternatives to those outdated curtains. Shutters don’t go out of fashion and their clean and neat appearance always keeps up with the style. Due to their capability to raise the entire aesthetic attractiveness of a home, shutters are often known to raise the value of a home. Their attractiveness together with their dependable nature, ensure that they are not replaced regularly, unlike other customary curtains. When you consider their versatility, they appear wonderful both outdoors and indoors, and that the best choice. Shutters Sydney comes in a range of colors to match every office or home and thus the ideal window treatment alternatives. Allergy control. Unlike other delicate curtains and drapes, shutters are easier to wash and so spring cleaning is not such an imposition any more. Just a simple swipe and they appear brand new, unlike other kinds of window treatments which are magnet for debris and dust to homes. Shutters last longer. Shutters are made to last longer than any other window treatment, so homeowners don’t need to deal with hustles of replacing their window covering for decades to come. When shutters are bought from a trustworthy firm and fixed correctly, they are very durable and can last as long as the home is standing. They increase privacy. People feel comfortable when they are in the privacy of their residence. Sheer curtains, broken blinds as well as other window covering allow homes to be easily observable from outside, therefore, privacy becomes next to impossible. However, shutters provide a high degree of privacy and homeowners can control how they want their homes to be perceived from outside through adjusting the tilt of their shutter to their desires. Saves money. When people buy the perfect shutters, they are able to keep their energy bills as low as possible because shutter function as insulation shields, preventing uncomfortable heat or cold drafts from entering their homes. By helping to control the temperature of their homes, they don’t need to crank up air conditioners or heaters to feel comfortable. In addition, shutter a not as costly as some of the others window covering and don’t cost much to install them. Ease of access. Shutters are easy for everyone, even kids, to close and open with no problem at all. Other kinds of window treatments can be annoying and tricky, needing confusing drawstrings, awkward mechanism and heavy ties to just close and open them.

Shutters Sale

Complete Blinds

What Features To Consider Before Choosing From A Shutters Sale?

Apart from their allure, shutters can also make an impact on the architectural qualities of your home, and you can easily adjust them whenever you want to control natural lighting and privacy. Decorative shutters tend to be cost-effective, easy to install and functional, while they will can enhance the interior décor by providing additional magnitude and personality to the façade of your home. However, before you head out to a shutters sale, make sure you consider the following features so you may end up choosing the best quality shutters. Here are a few things to look at before you go to that shutters sale:

Compatible Style

If your home has an Arts and Crafts-style, rustic, or traditional interior, then wood shutters will be more suitable. If your home includes contemporary décor, then you will be able to complement it much better with aluminum or vinyl shutters. You can even install shutters that will complement other window treatments, such as curtains or valances. If you have sheer curtains, then neutral shutters will not draw attention away from them, while dark draperies can be paired with chic and sleek aluminum shutters.

Child Safety

If you have little kids and/or pets, then shutters with pull cords may pose a strangulation threat. Fortunately, cordless shutters are available from most manufacturers, in which case the bottom bar of the shutter can be pulled or pushed to lower and raise it.

Durability & Quality

High quality shutters are easily available these days. Along with dowel joints, they also feature finishes that are hand-sanded, hinges that are recessed and wood that is dried in a kiln. However, wood shutters can also warp. Faux-wood shutters are often more durable when they are made of composite or polymer materials.


Dusting narrow-slat horizontal shutters is usually not an easy task. For kitchens, it can be much easier to clean faux-wood or vinyl shutters. When it comes to vertical shutters, ones with removable vanes should be considered for easier cleaning. Often, a damp cloth can also be used to clean shutters.

Privacy Control

Shutters with thin slats that are covered with tape are often a better choice since the slats can be closed tightly to darken a room and get privacy.

Shutter Finish

For a decorative look, shutters should be matched to the flooring, moldings, or window frame. Apparently, many people are fond of cream and white painted finishes, but you should also be able to choose from a myriad of other stain colors.

Shutter Height

When it comes to shutter heights, you can choose between café shutters that cover less than half of the window, half-shutters that cover half of the window and full shutters that cover the window entirely.

Window Size

When looking for a shutters sale, you should not be concerned if your window does not have a standard size. Shutters can be ordered in custom sizes. Window dimensions should be measured precisely, especially if you have an older home, since the dimensions of the windows probably vary. Wall space can also be maximized if shutters are installed within the window casing, or a couple of inches above the outside mount as a result of which the window will look larger. Unlike fabric window treatments, shutters offer a more solid option for many windows. Today, you should be able to find a wide range at a shutters sale, and considering the above will enable you to choose the right ones.

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